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What are we looking for?

We are asking for help with urgently needed equipment!

We are happy to accept equipment as a donation or purchase it with our savings:

• HGU-56/P helmets with or without MFS masks;

• MFS masks for HGU-56/P;

• NVG mounts for HGU-56/P;

• Modern helo-compatible NVGs;

• Airsave vests or CMU-33/P (or other molle-compatible analogues);

• A2CU flight suits and Massif FR combat shirts (or analogues);

• LPU-40/38/34/32/... Life Preserver unit.

Also of use:

• SPH-4, SPH-5 or HGU-84/P helmets, preferable - NVG-compatible and with MFS masks;

• ZSh-7A/AP or ZSh-5A with KM-34D or KM-35 masks;

• CWU-27/P or Mk.16 flight suits.

• Helmet bags.

To donate equipment please contact us at

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