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Together for peace and victory!

Our mission is to help keep the pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force in the skies by getting them the equipment they need to defend their cities and civilians from the Russian airborne threats currently ravaging the country.


About Us

I’m Anastasiia Armey, a U.S. resident and a citizen of Ukraine. I met my husband Drew, a U.S. Air Force pilot, during the work he’s done with the Ukrainian Air Force over the past seven years. With my friends, including bestselling aviation author Adam Makos, and Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan “Jersey” Burd, who led the “Clear Skies” joint maneuvers with the Ukrainian Air Force in 2018, we've created “Wingmen for Ukraine.”

Our fundraising goes to help those affected by the war in Ukraine, focusing on getting supplies to the Ukrainian Air Force to address their urgent needs. While we do not attempt to match or supplement the U.S government aid, we work in a nimbler fashion to address more acute needs that are communicated by our networks of colleagues and friends on the ground in Ukraine. We focus on supplying humanitarian aid to the airmen, soldiers, and civilians who find themselves on the front lines of this brutal war. 


We’ve already begun equipping Ukrainian pilots of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters with desperately needed supplies ranging from fireproof gloves to satellite survival radios to individual first aid kits.



We’ve partnered with Brickmania to produce “Ghost of Kyiv” minifigures and proceeds from every sale will benefit Wingmen for Ukraine. The figures depict the legendary “Ghost of Kyiv” pilot made popular by social media and hailed for shooting down multiple Russian planes.

As any Ukrainian will tell you: there isn’t just one “Ghost.” He actually represents the collective heroics of the pilots of the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade who have protected the sky over Kyiv since the start of the war. They’re feared by their Russian adversaries because they appear suddenly—like Ghosts—where they’re least expected. This minifigure was designed in consultation with Ukrainian MiG-29 pilots on the front lines. Get yours today! 



Receive this custom "Ghost of Kyiv" patch with your donation of $250 or more. Simply donate via the button below and email us with your name and address. Information will neither be kept nor sold to third parties and will only be used one time for shipping.  Patches graciously donated by Aviator Gear.

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Equipment requests 

There is an urgent need for helicopter fire resistant (Nomex) flight suits.

If you have good condition flight suits or any other equipment that you would like to donate please contact us at


wingmen & allies

Special thanks to the following individuals and companies who donated their resources and talents in support of this cause: 

  • Brickmania,  high quality building kits made from genuine LEGO

  • Rich Cooper, aviation photographer

  • Chad Hill, logo design at Django Studios

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